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Authors Brian Laura & Tim Albritton

Brian Laura
Born in 1973 in Delaware, OH
Moved to Palatka, Florida when he was 6.
Attended college and joined the US Navy, from which he became disabled. From which he moved to Arkansas with his wife, and lived in Conway and Little Rock for a few years and has since moved back to Florida. Has a BS in CIS and CET and a Doctorate.

Brian started reading novels and poetry books at a young age. Although he had put together poetry folder for his elementary classes, he didn't commit to writing until his second year in high school. Brian met Tim in high school and they began a friendship that would turn into a brotherhood. Brian's writing was sporadic at most, at the time. Tim's own writing had prompted Brian to start writing more. His style of poems and and short stories are purposely oblique and confusing. His word usage and sentence structure is very unique and can confuse the normal reader. Brian spent his time reading all types of books, sometimes read up to 4 a day. It was not unusual to find school books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, novels, science fiction, and many other types of books in his possession.
Brian and Tim worked on their first book for about 3 years before completion. Its current whereabouts are unknown.
Nowhere Nowhere Land was their second book which they worked for about 10 years until its completion. Brian was in college and the Navy while Tim worked on the book on his own, although Brian did contribute every so often, his works weren't added till about the 8th year. Brian first self published Nowhere Nowhere Land in 2003, but was unhappy with its design and finally approached commercial publishers.


Tim Albritton
Born April 1st 1974 in Hialeah, Florida
(Brian doesn't want to speculate and write a bio for Tim,
so if you want to get to know Tim, use the feedback
form and let Tim know you want him to write a bio section)


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